He’s currently supporting his lady of love Laura Müller (19) in Germany with “Let’s Dance”, but the couple actually live in the USA.

Pop star Michael Wendler (47) also suffers from this. He’s currently supporting his lady of love Laura Müller (19) in Germany with “Let’s Dance”, but the couple actually live in the USA.

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“I am full of concern. Doesn’t want to leave my daughter alone in the US for too long. “The pop star doesn’t think that there is an entry ban in principle.” But I also understand the decision. We also have to be careful in Germany and try to contain the virus. This is important, the faster we can all stick together and control it, the faster it will be over. “

Tom Hanks reports from quarantine

Despite Corona: Don’t panic! Tom Hanks (63) and his wife Rita Wilson (63) seem to take their infection with the virus quite calmly.

The Hollywood star has now reported from Australia, where he is in quarantine with his wife. Hanks posted a photo of the two on Instagram and thanked the people who take care of him and his wife. He wrote about their current situation: “Every day we take as it comes.”

The actor also appealed to everyone’s common sense, writing to his 7.5 million Instagram subscribers: “There are things we can all do to get through this, by following expert advice and taking care of ourselves and each other. “

Katie Holmes: Baby was intense

For US actress Katie Holmes (41), the time after the birth of her now 13-year-old daughter Suri was very intense. “We got a lot of attention,” said Holmes to the US lifestyle magazine “Instyle”. They were followed a lot by paparazzi. In the morning, for example, she went to the park around 6 a.m. in the hope that she would not meet any photographers there.

But Holmes also reported beautiful experiences. During that time, many strangers have become helpers and friends. She remembered a situation in which she even cried: a taxi driver helped her to put her sleeping daughter to bed at night. “He was very nice.”

Suri is the only child of Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise (57). The two married in 2006, seven months after Suri was born. In 2012, the couple announced their split.

Racism allegations against Xavier Naidoo

The singer Xavier Naidoo (48) has vehemently rejected racism allegations against himself – and still felt the professional consequences. Naidoo responded to a debate over a video showing him singing a song with controversial lines of text. The TV broadcaster RTL initially took Naidoo out of the jury for the program “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS).

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Naidoo wrote on Facebook on Wednesday that his statements had been completely misinterpreted. However, he did not comment on the background or the creation of the video. Still, it cost him a current job.123helpme email address Racial hatred and xenophobia are completely alien to him, even if he sometimes expresses himself emotionally artistically, it was previously said in a post on Naidoo’s Facebook page on Wednesday. “I have been campaigning against exclusion and racial hatred out of deep conviction for years. Love and respect are the only way to get together socially,” the singer was quoted as saying.

The video clip in question states, among other things: “I love almost everyone, but what if a murder occurs almost every day in which the guest steals a life from the host, then I have to choose tough words. Because nobody is allowed to use mine Torture people. “

Sarah Lombardi confesses a secret

The singer Sarah Lombardi (“Soleil”) has fond memories of her appearances in the church choir. “That was a fun time,” said the 27-year-old. It all started with the gospel choir. “Back then it was always a highlight for me to sing in church.” At the age of eleven she took private singing lessons, but a choir is very good for the “fun factor”.

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Sarah Kuttner does away with her self-confident image

Presenter and author Sarah Kuttner (41) started her career with the music channels Viva and MTV, but in her own words was never as hip as she came across on the screen. “I was never a big concert-goer or on the slopes a lot. That was music television back then,” said the Berliner. “Even today I am sometimes like a very young looking grandma.”

Journalist Stefan Niggemeier, with whom she has presented the media podcast “Das kleine Fernsehballett” for three years, sees it similarly, says Kuttner. “He said that when I was 20 at Viva I already looked 30, but now I still look like my late 20s. I’ve always been very grown up. I don’t think that’s too bad. When I look at old Viva photos, of her Bad clothes aside, I looked serious in a weird way. Somehow I was a bit older than I should be. “

Even the appearance that it seems beyond doubt is deceiving. “That was the performance,” says Kuttner. “I’m insecure as hell, like everyone else. But I can’t change that. Unfortunately, being a moderator has brought myself into a situation in which I’m permanently exposed to this insecurity. I just started to deal with it can.” Kuttner has been the presenter of the satire show “Extra 3” on NDR television since mid-February.

Marie-Luise Marjan: “Lindenstrasse” lives on

Shortly before the end of the ARD series “Lindenstrasse”, mother Beimer actress Marie-Luise Marjan encouraged the fans. “The series lives on. It lives on in the museums,” said the 79-year-old on Tuesday in Hanover.

According to Marjan, the House of History in Bonn will take over Helga Beimer’s kitchen and the legendary bus stop, while the Speyer Technology Museum will take over Café Bayer and the Akropolis restaurant. “There you are in the middle of ‘Lindenstrasse’ and can even play your own ‘Lindenstrasse'”, said the actress.

On March 29th, after more than 34 years, the 1,758. and thus broadcast the last episode of the classic. The series is shot in Cologne, but takes place in Munich.

Actress Jenna Dewan gave birth to her second child

The US actress Jenna Dewan (39) gave birth to her second child. The ex of Hollywood star Channing Tatum (39) posted a photo on Tuesday (local time) on Instagram in which she can be seen with her newborn. “Welcome to the world, you little angel!” She wrote in the comment field.

The actress also revealed the gender: “Callum Michael Rebel Kazee 3/6/20”, they say. Accordingly, her son was born on March 6th. Jenna Dewan has a daughter with Channing Tatum. The couple separated in April 2018 after nearly nine years of marriage. A little later, Dewan met the American actor and singer Steve Kazee (44).

Hefner’s son and “Harry Potter” actress become parents

The son of “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner,

Cooper Hefner

(28) and British actress Scarlett Byrne (29) become parents. “This summer we will welcome a new family member,” Hefner wrote on Instagram on Tuesday about a photo of his pregnant wife.

You couldn’t wait to meet the “newest little Hefner”, said the actress on her own Instagram account in a post with the same photo. The couple had married in California last November. They were engaged to each other for four years. Byrne was best known for her role as Pansy Parkinson in three Harry Potter films. Cooper worked for a time as the creative chief at Playboy Enterprises. Hugh Hefner died in 2017 at the age of 91. Son Cooper came from Hefner’s second marriage to model Kimberley Conrad.

Michelle Obama: My mom made me feel good about myself

The former First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama, owes her mother a lot of self-confidence in her own words. “My mother not only made sure that I learned the multiplication tables and the planetary systems, but also gave me a sense of my self-worth through her actions: that my voice, my talents and my ambition matter,” the 56-year-old told the Vogue magazine.

Obama has been campaigning for girls’ education for a long time. She wishes that every girl in the world had the same opportunities that she had herself. “So much could change in a generation if we taught our boys to listen to the girls, to see them as equals,” she told the magazine.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt: husband Chris is “greatest gift”

US author Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt has made a public declaration of love for her husband, actor Chris Pratt (“Jurassic World”). Having a partner who can love and support you in everything is “the greatest gift of all time,” she told US magazine “US Weekly” on Monday (local time).

Her husband helped her a lot with writing her new book “The Gift of Forgiveness”. It is important to both of them to be each other’s “greatest cheerleader”. Schwarzenegger Pratt (30) is the daughter of Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist Maria Shriver. At the end of 2018, she made her love for Pratt (40) public. A little later, the couple got engaged and said yes in June 2019.

Lena Meyer-Landrut poses in a tight bikini

Once again, Lena Meyer-Landrut makes a name for herself because of what she wears. Or should we say: Because of what she doesn’t wear? Because there isn’t too much material on this two-piece. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the singer posted a photo in which she can be seen sitting on a palm tree.

Dressed in tight panties and the matching bikini top, Lena presents her well-toned body. All attention! It remains to be seen whether this is the right sign on International Women’s Day.

Duchess Meghan secretly visits the theater

Duchess Meghan

has secretly paid a visit to the National Theater in London. There she was shown the latest developments in the field of virtual reality technology, which enables new forms of emotional storytelling, in a studio. The former US actress (“Suits”) is the theater’s patron.

The visit took place on Thursday, according to an Instagram post by the couple. At the end of March, Harry and Meghan want to give up their royal obligations. They have private and official appointments in London until Monday. On Saturday night, they attended a Royal Navy music event at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Tim Mälzer’s surprising confession

TV chef Tim Mälzer likes to try something new in culinary terms, but he is old-fashioned when it comes to means of communication. “I belong to the group of people who have never written a single email,” said Barbara Schöneberger in the radio talk broadcast on Saturday, “With a woman’s waffles”.

© APA / dpa / Henning Kaiser

He is very reluctant to write SMS and does not use WhatsApp. Mälzer also has a clear opinion on emojis: “To be honest, I’m 49 now, I’m about to 50. I don’t have to send colorful pictures anymore.” He prefers to use the smartphone for phone calls.

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The wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, has tested positive for the novel corona virus. A spokesman for the premier announced on Thursday evening (local time). Trudeau wants to keep fulfilling his obligations.

“I will continue to work from home and conduct meetings via video and conference calls,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau in isolation

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau will remain in isolation for the time being. But she feels good and has only mild symptoms of the lung disease Covid-19. Prime Minister Trudeau is in good health and has so far no symptoms, it said. Therefore, on the advice of the doctors, he will not be tested for the time being. As a precautionary measure, the 48-year-old remains in quarantine for an expected 14 days.

“Her symptoms are still mild” © 2018 Getty Images

Trudeau and his wife were in

domestic quarantine

after Sophie Grégoire Trudeau developed mild flu-like symptoms after a trip to London. She was then tested on Thursday. “Unfortunately, the results of Sophie’s Covid-19 test are positive,” wrote the premier on Twitter. “Her symptoms are still mild, she takes care of herself and follows our doctor’s advice,” he said.

Unpleasant symptoms of the virus

“Although I am experiencing unpleasant symptoms of the virus, I will soon get back on my feet,” said Sophie Grégoire Trudeau via a message distributed by the spokesman. 140 confirmed cases of infection with the virus had been reported nationwide in Canada as of Thursday.

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Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen

turned to the population on Friday evening in the Corona crisis. “We now have to go through this situation together,” he said in a televised address and called for the recommendations of government and experts to be taken seriously. The TV speech in full.

Ladies and gentlemen! You all know and see it every hour in the news that the Corona crisis has reached our country. It is a serious challenge for us, for our families, for our society, for our economy, for our cohesion. And yes, that unsettles you.